Two company anniversaries at Arnold Glas Lichtenstein

Two company anniversaries at Arnold Glas Lichtenstein

Not only one but two company anniversaries take place at Arnold Glas in Lichtenstein, Saxony, in 2018: The company Glaswerke Arnold GmbH & Co. KG looks back at 25 years of production of insulating glass units, the company Arnold Brandschutzglas Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG has been fabricating fire protection glass for 15 years now. Both companies belong to the company group Arnold Glas.

In 1993, the production and delivery of the first modern insulating glass units began under the management of Thomas Jucht and his 23 employees in Lichtenstein. High-quality insulating glass units with solar control, thermal insulation or safety features have been produced in customized sizes according to the clients’ needs ever since. Four trucks equipped with loading cranes guarantee a punctual, reliable glass delivery to construction sites or window manufacturers.

In spring 2003 the technical prerequisites for the production of fire protection glass were established. In September 2003 six employees started the production under the management of engineer Matthias Schulz. During the first year, 850 m² of fire protection glass were fabricated, in 2004 the production outcome amounted to 3,800 m² already. After having completed the first tests, the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt) issued the company’s first own national certificates ARGIP F30 and ARNHO F30. A little while later, the company received additional certificates in the categories F90 and F60 as well as certificates in systems by Heroal, Wicona, Feco, Strähle or Voest Alpine for example.

Consulting, quality and reliability

„Excellent consulting, great product quality and reliability are paramount to employees of both companies”, describes Ulrich Fleischer, General Manager for fire protection glass and insulating glass units in Lichtenstein, the attitude to work in both plants. Also, the education of new employees has always been considered highly important and very significant in Lichtenstein: Since 1993, almost 40 trainees have completed their apprenticeship at Arnold Glas in Lichtenstein – and almost one third of them still works there today. The other employees show a similar amount of loyalty to the companies – almost 30 of today’s altogether approximately 80 employees have been working there for more than 20 years, ten employees even impress with a staff membership of more than 25 years.

The loyalty and the long-term commitment also becomes noticeable in the production outcome. The amount of produced insulating glass units keeps rising – in 2017, more than 160,000 pieces of insulating glass have been produced, adding up to a surface of almost 130,000 m². Nowadays, up to 21,000 m² fire protection glass units are being fabricated per year.