"Triple", Heilbronn

  • New office block “Triple“ in Heilbronn’s business park Schwabenhof

    Cool, clear and cubistic

    Heilbronn’s business park Schwabenhof has a new eye-catcher – to be exact, is has three of them: “Triple” is a four-storey office block consisting of three separate buildings. With its very clear outline it constitutes a timeless contrast to the rather flamboyant, decorative buildings in its vicinity. The high-quality natural stone façade was matched with approximately 2,500 square meters of insulating glass units with the solar control coating sunbelt D50 oHT by glass processor arcon from Feuchtwangen, Germany. The coated glass panes were processed to thermally toughened safety glass and partly equipped with alarm systems.

    A modern, four-storey office block was built on a total area of about 3,600 square meters in Heilbronn’s business park Schwabenhof . The three identically built cubes stand on one and the same underground garage and also gave the block of buildings its name “Triple”. Up to 24 rental units offer space for 200 workplaces in a high-quality, puristic environment. “The effectiveness and the visual appearance of the glass panes had to comply with the standards set by the building’s concept for exclusivity and sustainability”, describes Albert Schweitzer, Managing Director and member of the group executive board, the specifications of building owner and architect. “Also, the glass had to be available on short notice, long delivery times would have been a criterion for exclusion”, Schweitzer adds.

  • In the end, approximately 2,500 square meters of insulating glass units with the special solar control coating sunbelt D50 oHT were chosen.  Thanks to the innovative coating design, the change in color as a result of the heat treatment is barely noticeable. One and the same base glass can be used as non-toughened float glass or as thermally toughened glass (tempered/heat-strengthened safety glass). sunbelt D50 oHT even allows for the combined use of float glass or toughened safety glass in one building without causing any inhomogenities in the façade’s visual appearance. The window glasses on the first floor are made of 8 mm tempered glass, the glass doors are made of laminated safety glass with tempered glass equipped with alarm systems. The glass doors for the upper floors are laminated safety glass with float glass – without compromising the façade’s homogeneous visual appearance.

    Luminous visual appearance

    „The outstanding looks thanks to a luminous, neutral blue-grey external reflection was one of the most important factors for our coating to be chosen”, explains Schweitzer. The neutral color in light transmission rendered the owner and the architect perfectly satisfied. Like that, a timeless office block with a clear-cut outline and a modern, loft-like interior was developed. The glass windows all have ceiling height, but nevertheless at least one window element can be opened in each office, creating a pleasant work environment suffused with light.