Sindelfingen Glass Palace


  • Glass temple of sport

    You can feel the special atmosphere as you walk through the arena of the Glass Palace in the west of Sindelfingen. As an official Olympic training centre for judo and track athletics, central training site for numerous other types of sport and competition venue, the Glass Palace, which opened in 1977, is now one of the most important sports venues in Germany. The facility, which covers a total 4,200 m2, is also used for trade fairs, events and concerts. But the Glass Palace, designed by internationally renowned architect Günter Behnisch, is not just about elite sports and events. It also stands for an architecture whose use of form underlines its uniqueness. And we were able to help create this in the course of the renovation of the centre in 2016.

  • The objectives of the renovation were to preserve the unique architecture of the building and improve energy efficiency. To achieve this, the glazing in the roof had to be replaced. For the seven pitched roofs with their delicate green/turquoise green supporting structure and adjacent bay-type windows, ISOLAR VISOREX® tube was installed on an area of around 3,100 m2. Integrated into the glass are large numbers of little 2.5 and 3.5 mm thick white tubes like small straws. This “honeycomb” technology directs up to 70 percent of the daylight into the interior of the building and at the same time effectively reduces glare. The light is reflected several times and enters the building as a uniform beam of light without causing shadows in its track.

    The outer pane of the insulating glass is coated with arcon’s sunbelt A60 solar control coating, which ensures that the building interior stays pleasantly cool on hot days. In cold weather, the special structure of the coating prevents the heat escaping from the inside to the outside, which saves energy costs. There is also no need for additional shading like roller blinds.

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    Product brochure ISOLAR VISOREX® tube