Peter Hahn Head Office, Winterbach


  • Isolar Solarlux microsolar clads new Peter-Hahn building in Winterbach

    Swabian fashion company Peter Hahn values an attractive look, whether it’s producing items of clothing or building a multi-purpose building at the company’s headquarters in Winterbach, Baden-Württemberg. The facade of the new building, which will in future serve as a break room and canteen for employees and as a function suite with sales area, was completely glazed. By installing the ultra-transparent triple glazing Solarlux microsolar from Hunsrück glass processor Glas Wagener, the architect has opted for an elegant and effective form of sun protection.

  • Optimised energy costs

    Thanks to the Solarlux microsolar system, energy costs are also reduced. The micro-slats integrated into the space between the panes reduces direct solar radiation depending on the position of the sun. In summer it is blocked almost completely, while in low-lying winter sun Solarlux microsolar reduces the radiation to a lesser extent and thus helps heat the rooms passively. With a Ug-value of 0.7, the heat losses in winter and heat gain in summer are very low due to the triple glazing.


    Visually appealing sun protection

    To achieve a great visual impact for the building, which in future will also host a factory outlet, the facade glazing comes in sizes up to 2.8 x 3.8 metres.


    Maintenance-free sun protection

    The ultra-transparent triple glazing ensures colour-neutral sun protection that doesn’t get dirty or need maintenance. The glazed escape doors always have to do their job quickly and reliably. This is a hot topic, particularly for the use of externally mounted sun protection, as this results in conflicting objectives: sun protection and efficient door functioning cannot both be achieved at the same time. Solarlux microsolar offers a high degree of safety, as the escape route is readily recognised, while the glazing still offers great protection from the sun.

    Solarlux microsolar was also the ideal solution in Winterbach because of the unusual shape of the building. The West facade inclines slightly inwards and the panes at the edge are trapezoidal. It would therefore have been very difficult to produce a sun shading system mounted from the outside.

    Because the mere 0.2 mm thick micro-slats in perforated stainless steel can be installed in even the smallest of gaps between the insulating glass panes, while standard designs on the market need a gap about 20 mm larger, Solarlux microsolar is ideal for renovations and special applications.

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