Fire protection glass for media boxes

Castle Altena

  • Fire protection glass in historic setting

    Castle Altena in the Sauerland is one of the most beautiful hilltop castles in Germany. Until now, visiting the castle involved a hard trek uphill. But since last year, the castle has been accessed via an “adventure lift” that is the first of its kind worldwide. The barrier-free access facility is fitted with “media boxes” that visualise the history of the town and the castle with the help of LCD screens using ISOLAR ARDOREX® ARNOLD-FIRE® fire protection glass.

  • Fire protection glass for media boxes

    The barrier-free access to the castle is fitted with what are known as media boxes, which use LCD screens to tell the history of Altena castle. To ensure the safety of visitors even in the event of any technical defects, these media boxes were fitted with fire protection glass from Arnold Glas. In the event of a fire, ISOLAR ARDOREX® ARNOLD FIRE® prevents the spread of fire and smoke very efficiently and reliably.