European Southern Observatory (ESO), Garching

Bird protection

  • Star gazing and bird protection

    The European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Garching near Munich is all about the oldest science in the world: astronomy. Since 1980, the ESO has had its headquarters here along with administration and development facilities. In 2013, an office and conference building and a technology building were added. This is the organisation’s central facility for building, testing and upgrading state-of-the-art astronomical instruments. It also houses one of the largest astronomical data archives in the world. The old and new buildings are connected with one another by means of a bridge fitted with bird protection glass from Arnold Glas.

  • Arnold Glas prevents bird strikes

    The connecting bridge, featuring Ornilux mikado advance bird protection glazing from Arnold Glas, goes a long way to preventing bird strikes. The almost 30 m2 glass facade of the bridge provides a great view from inside and out, but at the same time reduces bird strikes, i.e. despite the reflections of nature in the glass panes birds do not fly onto the glass and die as a result of the collision. The frequency of bird deaths when other glass is used often prompts criticism of the expansive use of glass in architecture. The Arnold glazing features special coatings, virtually invisible to the human eye, that make the glass visible to birds. This is achieved using an unobtrusive and largely transparent glass finish, which reveals UV light. It is based on the scientific knowledge that some birds, unlike humans, are capable of seeing UV light. This is why birds recognize Ornilux glass panes that have this transparent marking as an obstacle.



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