“bilding” art school


  • Creativity behind glass

    In Innsbruck’s Rapoldi Park, the workshop known as “bilding” provides a remarkable creative space in respect of both its concept and architecture. The project was largely financed by donations and is managed by a specially established board of trustees. The technology brand of Arnold Glas, arcon, was one of the sponsors of the building and installed its four new solar control coatings ISOLAR SOLARLUX® A70, A60, A50 and A40. These are a neutral colour and despite their different properties are visually harmonised – an absolute first in the glass industry.

    Through its unusual use of form alone, Innsbruck’s new school of art and architecture “bilding” lives up to its claim as a space for creativity. Although the pavilion-style building, designed by Niklas Nalbach at the ./studio 3 Institute for Experimental Architecture at the University of Innsbruck, nestles into the surrounding Rapoldi Park, anyone looking at the building will perceive it quite differently depending on where they are standing. This constantly offers up new perspectives on the school, which was officially opened in October 2015. Appropriately, movable walls create variable zones inside. Children and young people are offered free courses in bilding to encourage artistic interests and talent. The project was financed through sponsoring, donations and pro bono services.

  • All four new ISOLAR SOLARLUX® A types in one building

    A key element of the facade is the glass frontage facing the park. The glass has been finished with the new solar control coatings. For the first time, all four types – A70, A60, A50 and A40 – were used in one building. In each case the substrate was a 12 mm thick toughened safety glass. The finishing and toughening of the customised glass panes with a total surface area of 136 m2 were completed by our Austrian partner Glas Gasperlmair in Wagrain.

    Visually matching despite different coatings

    ISOLAR SOLARLUX® A40 was chosen for the skylights. For the glass frontage, A70, A60 and A50 were installed – directly next to one another. This makes the key advantage of solar control coatings obvious: despite different properties the different glazing types are in visual harmony. This simplifies planning for architects, designers and facade contractors, as they can use the A-type coatings next to one another without the colour differences that used to be unavoidable. Moreover, it only takes these four types to provide all buildings with the right kind of sun protection.

    Solar control and low heat loss combined

    The high light transmission of ISOLAR SOLARLUX® glass of up to 70 percent enables optimum use of daylight even in overcast weather conditions. Thanks to g-values of between 22 and 37 percent, the interior of the building stays pleasantly cool even on sunny days. Extra sun shade or power-hungry air conditioning units are not necessary. “Even during the opening ceremony, several people mentioned the pleasant temperatures in the building to me,” says a delighted Heiko Hannig, arcon’s project consultant. When the weather is cool, a Ug-value of 1.0 W/m 2 K ensures that less heating energy has to be used: “This saves heating costs and protects the environment,” stresses Hannig. The light reflection inside of maximum 13 percent allows a perfect view to the outside.

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