Aviary at Berlin Zoo


  • Lots of room for over 600 birds in a safe environment

    600 chirping animals from around 100 different bird species have a whole lot of space – almost 2,700 m2 – in the new and most modern aviary in Europe at Berlin Zoo. In three large, bright free-flight halls, the birds can move through the air in a way that is appropriate to their respective species. The large glass facade is not a problem for birds of different sizes and plumage: Thanks to Isolar Ornilux bird protection glass from Arnold Glas, they recognise the glass panes as an impenetrable obstacle. The reason is a special coating that most birds will see clearly but that is almost invisible to the human eye.

    Every year, three million adults and children visit Berlin Zoo, and for many of them, the 5,000 m2 aviary is a special attraction. The treetop walk that has been integrated into the new building holds a special fascination for animal watchers of any age. It allows visitors to watch the birds flying around from a height of five metres. The free-flight halls present the natural environments of the continents Africa, Australia and South-East Asia, so that the bird species can live in an environment that is adapted to their needs. The enclosure provides the birds with much more freedom of movement than conventional aviaries.

  • Coating allows birds to recognise glass facade as an obstacle

    The Isolar Ornilux mikado bird protection glass, which was installed in the aviary on an area of no less than 350 m2, ensures the safety of the birds. The special glazing has specific coatings that make the glass panes visible to the birds. The coating is almost invisible to the human eye. The unobtrusive coating makes UV light visible and is based on the scientific knowledge that most birds, unlike humans, are able to see UV light.

    Thanks to the expansive glass facade, the aviary is very bright with a lot of natural light. This is achieved in part by the light transmission value of the glass of 76 percent. The g-value of 60 percent prevents the area heating up in summer, while the Ug-value of 1.1 W/m2K keeps the heat inside the aviary in winter.



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