Amici, Stuttgart

Laminated safety glass

  • Dining on glass

    The club-lounge restaurant Amici in the Zeppelin-Carré building is well known for its stylish atmosphere in a prime Stuttgart city centre location. The gourmet restaurant opened again recently following extensive renovations. Diners can enjoy their meals on a glass terrace lighted from below, which was completely replaced with a special non-slip safety glass from Arnold Glas.

    Just a few minutes from Stuttgart’s main station, the renovated Amici offers both fine dining and dancing, based loosely on the formula “Dinner and Dance”.

    One of the key elements of the room design by the new Amici management team Michael Wilhelmer and Luigi Aracri is the just under 350 m2 glass terrace. Part of it is inside the building and it flows seamlessly into the atrium of the Zeppelin-Carré building. “The almost 20-year-old terrace was badly damaged, particularly at the glass edges,” recalls Fabian Föhl, sales manager at Glaswerke Arnold in Remshalden, an Arnold Glas Group company which was responsible for replacing the terrace. The non-slip screen-printed coating had almost worn off completely and the glass bonding was absorbing water.

  • Glass combines elegant look with functionality

    “The new glass elements not only had to look elegant, but also had to be extremely robust and non-slip,” says Föhl, Sales Manager in Remshalden, about the challenges of the project. More than 300 glass elements, each measuring one square metre, were mounted on the existing stainless steel substructure. White triple-pane laminated safety glass, which is lighted from below, was used for the renovation. The white glass colour resulted from a special screen printing process and the use of extremely bright low-iron glass as the substrate. “The installed glass disperses light, so the light sources underneath are invisible to anyone looking at it,” says Föhl.

    Acid was used to remove parts of the glass surface and in this way achieve minimum heights and depths. The roughened surface is highly non-slip and so the glass has been certified as having the highest non-slip properties according to category R13. Thanks to this kind of surface etching, the non-slip effect lasts much longer than that achieved by a screen printing process.

    Special edge and weather protection

    To better protect the edges, every glass square rests on a silicon support and is glued into a highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel frame fitted with bolts to the substructure. This allows the glass to be quickly installed and removed if necessary.

    The glass elements have an effective load of more than 500 kg/m2 and are therefore extremely strong. The use of the new composite material SentryGlas® prevents moisture getting into the laminated safety glass and so makes it particularly weather-resistant.