Single pane toughened safety glass

  • Because of the way it is manufactured, single pane toughened safety glass from Arnold Glas has better flexural strength and is more shock, impact and temperature-resistant than float glass. In the event of breakage, it shatters into small blunt-edged pieces and therefore is less of an injury risk. It is therefore particularly suitable when a higher degree of safety is needed, e.g. glass doors, shower cabinets, chiller counters, all-glass enclosures, sports facilities and facade glazing.

    Advantages of single pane toughened safety glass at a glance:

    • Higher thermal shock resistance
    • Higher shock and impact resistance
    • Greater flexural strength
    • Lower injury risk in case of breakage due to shattering into very small blunt-edged pieces
  • Single pane toughened safety glass consists of a single specially heat treated pane of glass. During manufacture, the glass is heated to about 700°C in the tempering furnace and then quickly cooled down again. In this process, the zones of the glass near the surface cool faster than the inner core. This produces tension in the core and a compressive stress in the surface. Thanks to this tempering process, single pane toughened safety glass has increased resistance to shocks and impacts.

    In addition, it is less sensitive to large temperature differences than untreated glass. If broken, single pane safety glass shatters into lots of small blunt-edged pieces. Following tempering, it is not possible to perform any other processes on the glass like cutting, drilling, or edge grinding.