Screen printing

Design and individuality

  • Screen printing is a decorative design element that can be used to produce custom patterns. With the diverse colours available, new design touches can be created both indoors and out, while screen prints featuring multiple colours are also possible. With “dual fit” screen printing, the colour is different depending on whether it is seen from the inside or outside.

    The print is weather-resistant, abrasion and scratch-proof, resistant to acids and alkali, UV-stable, thermally stable and shock-proof. Screen printing can be applied to flat or curved single-pane toughened safety glass or heat-strengthened glass.



  • In the screen printing process, single-pane safety glass is printed with ceramic inks. During the tempering process the inks are burned into the glass at 650°C and as a result bonded permanently with it. The colours are very similar to RAL colours but vary according to the inherent colour of the basic glass. The technical options available allow for a lot of individual colour blends.

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