NEUTRALUX low-e glass

High performance and low-emissivity

  • High performance and low-emissivity

    The low Ug-value, high g-value and high light transmission make NEUTRALUX double glazing one of the most important solutions to help optimize the energy efficiency of existing buildings. Compared with old types of insulating glass, about 20 liters of heating oil can be saved per square meter of glass surface.

    NEUTRALUX triple glazing also meets the very stringent statutory requirements for energy-saving building methods for new buildings.

  • There are three functional principles at work to provide the unique energy-efficient properties of the glass. Firstly, one glass surface facing the space between the panes of glass is given a barely perceptible coating that almost completely prevents heat radiation. In addition, the cavity between the panes of glass is filled with an inert gas that conducts heat less easily. Thirdly, the optimum distance between the panes is selected. Depending on the type of filling between the panes, heat losses are prevented in addition.