Perfect room lighting thanks to light diffusion

  • ISOLAR VISOREX® white combines the positive characteristics of a highly thermally insulating double or triple glazing with effective light diffusion. The translucent glass makes optimum use of the incident daylight and distributes it evenly in the room without creating shadows. Glare due to solar radiation is also much reduced.

    The improved room illumination creates a better room climate and achieves energy savings as less artificial light is necessary. Translucent glazing is also suitable for areas that need light but also call for discretion (museums, sports halls, swimming pools, interior room dividers etc.). Moreover, the fibreglass insert creates a unique look.


    Your benefits

    • High natural light transmission
    • Evenly distributed light without shadows
    • Better illumination of room
    • Suitable for areas that require discretion
    • Unique look
  • ISOLAR VISOREX® white is a highly thermally insulating glass for use in facades and glass roofs.

    These functional principles make it the preferred glass for high, non-glare light influx:

    • The glass contains a light-dispersing mat that distributes the incident light evenly in the room
    • Optimum no maintenance illumination of interiors
    • Additional functions can be easily added:
      • Ball-proofing
      • Fall protection
      • Design features
      • Sound insulation
      • Anti-burglary features and much more