Optimum use of light through honeycomb technology

  • ISOLAR VISOREX® tube is a high-performance panel with integrated honeycomb technology that lets up to 70% of the incident daylight into the room, but at the same time reduces glare through direct solar radiation. The high input of natural light results in energy savings, as less artificial light is needed. This leads to a significant improvement in room and work climate.

    In certain installation conditions, ISOLAR VISOREX® tube can even replace external sun shading – avoiding extra costs for maintenance and cleaning. Thanks to the choice of various colours and shapes for the honeycomb inlet, a wide range of design options is also available.

  • ISOLAR VISOREX® tube has a honeycomb inlet consisting of a lot of small capillary tubes. When looking down on the inlet it is possible to see through it, otherwise, geometry and the molecular composition of the capillary tubes will determine the direction of transparency of the insulating glass unit. Changing the viewing angle produces a unique, dynamic interplay of transparency and translucency that makes the glazing the stand-out feature of the entire facade.

    ISOLAR VISOREX® tube is available as a solar control and heat insulation glass and is suitable for use on exterior facades, partition and screening walls, sports halls and as roof glazing.



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