Effective thermal insulation

  • High-quality facade design is technically and visually impressive. ISOLAR VACUREX® A combines the characteristics of modern sun protection glass with the innovative vacuum technology high-performance panels. A particular advantage of ISOLAR VACUREX® A is that transparent and opaque surfaces can be realised in just one pane of glass. This allows the homogeneous external view of the facade to be maintained, while at the same time providing discretion in the interior as required. Installations on the facade or similar structures can also be clad cleverly in this way, without impairing the look of the facade.

    ISOLAR VACUREX® A also reduces the structural engineering effort: The number of parapet bars can be reduced and the facade can have a smaller profile and frame. The latter will also improve the Ucw value of the facade.

  • In combination with the sun protection glass, the transparent section allows a high light transmission while reducing the energy input. There is no light or energy transmission in the opaque area. When looking at the facade from the outside, it is not possible to tell which areas are transparent and which areas are opaque.