ISOLAR SOLARLUX® variodirect

Integrated blinds between glass panes

  • Integrated blinds between glass panes

    Reap the benefits of a blind – but without time-consuming maintenance and cleaning: ISOLAR SOLARLUX® variodirect has integrated blinds in the gap between the insulating glass panes and so ensures flexible and efficient sun protection. The blind systems offer impressive weather resistance, cleanliness and lack of maintenance.

    Your benefits:

    • High efficiency
    • Sun and glare protection plus privacy screening
    • Flexible and variable
    • No-maintenance shade
    • Weather-resistant
    • Uniform room climate
    • More comfort and quality of life
    • Prevents heat build-up at the window

    Because it can be used individually, ISOLAR SOLARLUX® variodirect can be deployed in various areas:

    • Glass facades
    • The aesthetics of the facade are retained; adjusting the slats ensures optimum light conditions in the interior.
    • Conservatories
    • Maintenance-free shade; optimum, uniform room climate; glare, sun, sound and heat protection
    • New builds and renovations
    • Alternative to roller blind boxes; large window areas possible
    • Laboratories, hospitals
    • Privacy screening if required; sterile dividing element; time and cost savings for cleaning


    The insulating glass is designed for vertical installation and can be used in all windows, doors, conservatories and facades. ISOLAR SOLARLUX® variodirect can be readily combined with other functionalities (soundproofing, heat insulation etc.).

  • SOLARLUX® variodirect features integrated blinds in the gap between the panes of insulating glass. Like conventional blinds, they are electrically or manually adjustable. SOLARLUX® variodirect therefore offers the greatest possible flexibility for sun protection, privacy screening and glare protection.

    SOLARLUX® variodirect is available in two models.

    SOLARLUX® variodirect E
    → with electrically-driven blind

    SOLARLUX® variodirect M/ME
    → with manually adjustable blind