Optimum solar control

  • ISOLAR SOLARLUX® microsolar double or triple glazing offers a low Ug value, low g-value and high light transmission. These properties allow compliance with statutory requirements for energy-saving building methods for new builds, including the provisions of funding programmes from the German KfW development bank for low energy housing. For administration buildings in particular, large-scale glazing, atriums and roof glazing, ISOLAR SOLARLUX® microsolar is the right choice.

    Your benefits with ISOLAR SOLARLUX® microsolar

    • Low Ug-value
    • Low g-value
    • High light transmission
    • Protection from direct radiation
    • No maintenance
    • Simple cleaning
    • Can be combined with other glazing types
    • Special size formats possible
    • Ideal for use in existing frames (glass renovations)


  • ISOLAR SOLARLUX® microsolar is a highly thermally insulating glass that combines the benefits of a solar control glass with those of an exterior shade system.

    Four functional principles make it an ideal glass for optimum solar control with high transparency and light transmission:

    • The outer glass surface facing the gap between the panes has a very thin strip of thin slats which reflects the solar radiation from high angles.
    • Double and triple heat insulating glazing options with minimal or optimal gaps between panes are possible.
    • Additional exterior sun screening devices or glass structures are not necessary.
    • Extra functions can be readily added: Fall guard, sound insulation, burglary protection and a lot more