Contemporary sun protection is colour-matched

  • Contemporary sun protection is colour-matched. Even in the case of panes with different technical properties there is no discernible difference in appearance.

    With ISOLAR SOLARLUX® A-types, this effect is created by four separate solar control layers. This means that for the first time it is possible to respond to individual requirements using glass panes with different light transmission and total energy transmittance (g-value) within one building, without impairing the visual harmony of the facade.

  • It is the infrared portion of solar radiation that is primarily responsible for heating up rooms behind glazed surfaces. The visible light that provides brightness has scarcely any influence.

    ISOLAR SOLARLUX® is able to differentiate between these two types of radiation. Thanks to its innovative coating it lets a high proportion of the visible light pass through, while largely reflecting the infrared radiation. This coating property is designated “highly selective”. This supports the room climate and makes optimum use of daylight.

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