Transparent bird protection

  • ISOLAR ORNILUX® mikado is the first bird protection glass worldwide to dispense with very obvious markings and patterns.  The visual appeal of transparent architectural space and facade concepts can therefore be retained without ruling out nature and species protection. ISOLAR ORNILUX® mikado can be used in all windows and facades like a conventional insulating or laminated safety glass; the bird protection glass is also available as a single pane. It can be readily combined with other functions like solar control or heat insulation.

    At the same time, the use of bird protection glass offers an added benefit, which in turn increases the value of property – a worthwhile undertaking in times in which “green building” concepts are constantly increasing in importance.

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  • Birds can see parts of the UV light spectrum. Arnold Glas exploited this knowledge when developing ISOLAR ORNILUX® mikado: the glass is given a special coating that reflects UV light. The coating does not cover the entire surface but takes the form of a criss-cross (pick-up-sticks) pattern. This makes the coating visible to birds and so they recognise the glass panes as an obstacle. For the human eye, on the other hand, the coating remains virtually invisible.

    The use of ISOLAR ORNILUX® bird protection glass substantially reduces the risk of bird strike on windows or facades.

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