The glass for security and safety

  • The glass for security and safety

    Despite the bright and transparent sense of space it conveys, ISOLAR MULTIPACT® serves to protect people and properties. Thanks to its impact or penetration resistant properties, it makes it harder for burglars to break through glass and windows. We have the right kind of glass for every type of attack:

    with impact resistant properties

    with penetration resistant properties

    with bullet-proof properties

    The attack-resistant properties are tested in accordance with the European standards EN356 (impact and penetration resistance) and EN 1063 (bullet resistance).

    To accommodate a burglar alarm system, all ISOLAR MULTIPACT® can be fitted with a reliable alarm function (alarm wire).

  • ISOLAR MULTIPACT® laminated safety glazing consists of an assembly of several panes of glass with interlayers that are tough and tear-resistant. Heat and pressure are applied in an autoclave to produce laminated safety glass with high strength and transparency. The number and sequence of glass panes and interlayers are matched to the individual requirements for the different kinds of attack.

    In ISOLAR MULTIPACT® insulating glass for facades, the desired protection function is met by one or several panes in the insulating glass unit. Even after damage e.g. due to projectiles, hammers or similar, our tested ISOLAR MULTIPACT® glazing still offers considerable stability.