Sound insulation glass

  • If you want to stretch the technical limits of sound insulation with glass, ISOLAR AKUSTEX®, which has two panes of acoustic laminated safety glass generally in different thicknesses, is the ideal solution. The laminated safety glass is produced with special acoustic films optimised to reduce sound transmission.

    For sound insulation that has to meet particularly stringent requirements, triple sound reduction glazing is available. It combines the principles of sound insulation with glass with a triple heat insulation glass, resulting in the highest level of sound and heat insulation.

    Your benefits:

    • ISOLAR AKUSTEX® combines the properties of heat insulating glass with the features of effective sound insulation
    • to meet all requirements for all sound protection classes for windows and facades



  • All ISOLAR AKUSTEX® sound insulation glazing consists of several single panes. Depending on requirements, the sound insulation is achieved by using one or a combination of the following methods:

    • Thicker panes (higher mass)
    • Different glass thicknesses (asymmetrical assembly)
    • Greater spacing between panes
    • Special gas fill between panes
    • Sound insulating laminated safety glass with acoustic films

    The human ear hears differences in volume from 3 to 5 decibels (dB). If sound insulation effects a reduction of 10 dB, this is equivalent to a halving of volume. Depending on type of glass and sound protection class, ISOLAR AKUSTEX® achieves improvements of between 36 and 54 dB.

    Highly thermally insulating coatings and the special gas fillings also make it a fully functional heat insulating glass.



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