Interior glass

Transparency in interior design

  • Elegant transparency for rooms

    Thanks to the wide range of finishes and design options it offers, it’s hard to imagine many industrial and interior applications without glass. The single-pane safety glass solutions from Arnold Glas offer impressive stability and ensure a very high degree of safety in use through their impact, shock and break resistance.

    Elegant glass surfaces in single-pane safety glass are used e.g. in shower cabinets, tiles, doors, all-glass enclosures, partition and folding walls and conservatories. Its homogeneous surface makes glass hygienic, easily maintained and easy to clean. In its conventional transparent form it imparts a feeling of space, while as coloured or screen-printed glass it adds new emphasis as a design feature.

    The benefits of glass can also be exploited in the interior realm:

    • Elegance
    • Transparency, imparts feeling of space
    • Easy-care, hygienic
    • Easier cleaning, e.g. through aqualite water-repellent coating
    • Meets the strictest tolerances and offers perfect fit for hardware
    • Complex machining processes possible (drilling, milling, custom requirements)
    • Decorative design element (diverse colours, screen printing)



  • Because of how it is manufactured, safety glass from Arnold Glas is much more resistant to bending fractures, impacts and shocks than float glass. It is also less dangerous if broken because it shatters into very small pieces. All kinds of safety glass – single-pane, heat-strengthened and laminated – can be produced with customer-specific machining, grooves and drill-holes to the narrowest tolerances. A fully automated reliable quality assurance system ensures a high-quality product that offers an impressively high degree of safety in use.


    • Shower doors and cabinets
    • Rear shower walls
    • WC partition walls



    • Doors
    • Sliding doors
    • Folding glass walls
    • All-glass enclosures
    • Kitchen splash-backs
    • Office partition walls
    • Squash facilities
    • Chiller unit glazing
    • Enamelled glass doors for changing cubicles
    • Lift glazing



    • Conservatories
    • Balcony glass


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