Horizontal sliding walls (HSW)

Elegant room partitions

  • Interior design is a question of individual preferences. This is why every HSW system is customised to always obtain the ideal solution for each place of use or type of structural requirements. Within an HSW system, the individual glass panels can be equipped with specific functions according to requirements. Simple sliding panels, rotating panels with different door closing mechanisms and special panels for specific installation scenarios can all be readily realised.

    Because the panels of the glass frontage offer a continuous transparent surface they are ideal for creating flowing space concepts. Naturally, HSW are also suitable for implementing creative design concepts e.g. using screen printed elements.



  • HSW systems are mobile partition wall systems with flexible parking of the individual functional panels. The functional components are accommodated in the upper and lower door rails to ensure smooth and convenient opening and closing, time after time. For your convenience, Arnold Glas also offers assembly of the door hardware and/or frame systems for fixed shop front elements as well as delivery and professional installation.

    HSW systems come in various designs depending on requirements. From the traditional HSW-G model with door rails top and bottom and special models like the FSW folding sliding wall through to HSW-R or HSW-ISO models with circumferential frames, a range of flexible options is available.