Heat-strengthened glass

  • Heat-strengthened glass (HS glass) is only endowed with safety characteristics when laminated to another pane of glass. As a result, HS glass is predominantly used as laminated safety glass when greater flexural strength and temperature resistance are required. Examples of the use of HS glass are canopies, glass facades with absorbent sun protection coatings or as an element of laminated safety glass overhead glazing.

    Advantages of HS glass

    • Greater flexural strength
    • High temperature resistance
    • Increased residual load capability
  • Heat-strengthened (HS) glass was developed especially for the building industry and is a heat-treated glass with a high bending strength and high temperature resistance. Its physical properties lie between those of float glass and single pane toughened safety glass. If a pane breaks, some radial cracks run from the centre of the break to the edge of the pane – similar to the breaking behaviour of normal float glass. Like single pane toughened safety glass, HS glass cannot undergo further processing following heat treatment.



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