Design Assist Service

Planning that delivers results

  • With the Design Assist Service from Arnold Glas, any difficulties related to the realisation of the building project are precluded in advance. Architectural concepts can be efficiently realised with suitable glass systems and any planning deficiencies in the course of the project can be avoided beforehand. This saves time and money and guarantees that the desired design can be realised.


  • To make sure that sophisticated architectural ideas can be implemented, specific questions have to be considered, ideally during the planning phase. Our Design Assist Service provides support with verifying material compatibilities, technical feasibility or compliance with statutory provisions. Structural analyses and a general review of the feasibility of the building project are also carried out.

    The Design Assist Service from Arnold Glas offers the following benefits for architects and designers in particular:

    • Optimum implementation of the architectural concept
    • Schedule and budget reliability
    • Avoiding inadequacies in planning
    • Implementation and compliance with statutory/official provisions
    • Adherence to technical and physical target values
    • Use of ultra-modern techniques and materials


    Areas of application:

    • Design and structural engineering
    • Energy calculations
    • Summertime and wintertime heat insulation
    • Sun protection
    • Sound insulation
    • Light (direction/diffusion)
    • Installation
    • Integration of structures into main supporting structure