color-coordinated spandrel glass

  • Decolite spandrel glass is coated and/or enameled, monolithic toughened safety glass, harmoniously color-coordinated with our coatings. It is available in 6 mm and 8 mm thickness as heat-soaked, toughened safety glass.

    With decolite, it is possible to avoid discernible differences in the appearance of a façade – despite using spandrel glass in the immediate vicinity of façade glass. Also, it allows for the combination of non-vision areas with vision-areas of glazing while maintaining a harmonic visual appearance

  • Spandrel glass is usually located between vision areas of windows, in order to conceal structural columns floors and shear walls or other areas of a building which should not be viewed from the exterior.

    Decolite spandrel glass is available in a range of different colors, all matched to our main coating types. A sampling inspection is nevertheless highly recommended in order to decide if the match is sufficient.