Cable-supported facades

Unique facade designs

  • Cable-supported facades are probably the most delicate supporting structures for building envelopes in glass. They enable a very high light and solar energy yield and despite their light weight offer strength benefits.

    Compared with post and beam facades, structural glazing facades are not rigid, but flexible. This is not a sign of lack of stability. On the contrary: due to their flexibility, rear-tensioned facades can be designed to be blast-proof as they partially absorb the force of an explosion. These kinds of designs have to be adapted on a project-specific basis, so please contact us.



  • Despite their delicate appearance, cable-supported facades are very strong. The main components of a cable-supported facade are glass, point fixings, and supporting and tensioning cables. The point fixings are bolted directly to the glass panes. Supporting cables hold the weight of the glass, while tensioning cables ensure the necessary tension that keeps the facade in a stable position.

    Despite this, cable-supported facades are not rigid, but flexible. As a result, rear-tensioned facades can partially absorb shocks due to explosions or similar events, so a blast-resistant design is possible.