ISOLAR Vacurex®

Insulating panels

  • ISOLAR VACUREX® can be used in the same way as insulating glass in facade construction. It dispenses with the extra cost associated with the much greater installed thickness of standard thermal panels and other measures required to ventilate them. With an insulating panel just 16 mm thick (gap between panes 18 mm), ISOLAR VACUREX® achieves a U-value of 0.3 W/m²K. Even lower U-values can be realised with vacuum insulating sheets that are just a little thicker – conventional thermal panels need to be substantially thicker to achieve these kinds of values. ISOLAR VACUREX® substantially reduces the weight of superstructures due to the use of aluminium sheets as interior and/or exterior elements of the insulating glass unit.

    ISOLAR VACUREX® can also be fitted with the extra properties of modern multifunctional glazing, e.g. higher sound insulation of 44 dB or impact-resistant properties. ISOLAR VACUREX® is used for the parapets of facades, especially if low installation thickness is also a requirement.

  • ISOLAR VACUREX® vacuum panels are facade elements with very high thermal insulation that differ from conventional thermal insulating panels above all due to the use of completely new materials and innovative technologies.

    The high efficiency of ISOLAR VACUREX® panels is a result of the use of pyrogenic (fumed) silica – a highly porous material that is ideal for thermal insulation. These heat insulation properties can be decisively improved yet again by packing the pyrogenic silica sheets in a special air-tight film and then expelling the air. Modern insulating glass technology protects the vacuum insulating sheets permanently against mechanical damage of all kinds.

    In combination with the versatility of glass, this results in a visually appealing, customisable high-performance panel with reduced weight and lower installed thickness.

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