Arnold Glas

Our expertise


  • We want our customers to be satisfied with us and to enjoy working with us. Our business relationships are grounded in reliability, commitment and extensive expertise.

    We understand the individual requirements and situations of our customers – and tailor our work accordingly.

    We’ll be there when it counts to provide comprehensive advice along with products and solutions that meet customer requirements.

    We also take the needs of the customers of our customers into account – offering easy to use products, bird protection glass, cosy living spaces and individual architecture – and this is how customer loyalty comes about.



  • Coatings provide glass with extra functions, improve the look of it and extend the areas of application for glass as a material. The Arnold Glas technology brand arcon specialises in the coating of glass and all associated technologies. New areas of application and customer-specific solutions are the focus of the R&D Department.


  • “Doing things differently” is a way of expressing our motivation to develop new products. Our product solutions offer convenient functions and appealing design; they also preserve quality and value, or make a substantial contribution to doing so.

    We are extending the functionalities and areas of application for glass. In 1959 we invented modern insulated glazing units with flexible edge seal. To this day we have successfully continued this tradition of inventiveness: We developed the first transparent bird protection glass, the first needs-based colour-matching solar control glass and the first low-anisotropy glass. We produce glass substrates that can either be tempered or processed without heat treatment. We are constantly manufacturing new products and in the process are always creating considerable benefits for our customers – and we will continue to do so in the future.



  • Safety is paramount for the use of our products. We comply with all relevant building codes, safety regulations and standards. We respond to any questions and uncertainties and devise solutions.

    Our products come with all relevant certificates and test reports and regularly undergo multiple phase testing procedures.