Arnold Glas

Doing things differently

Über Arnold Glas

  • Our brand promise “Doing things differently means that we take different approaches – offering a high degree of creativity, distinctive benefits and design flexibility. It represents our striving for constant improvements, new areas of application and smart products. “Doing things differently” is as it were the DNA of our company’s founder, Alfred Arnold. It is both a legacy and an aspiration that makes us one of the most important innovators in the sector.

    At Arnold Glas there is scope for new ideas, creative solutions and innovative products. But in all aspects of our work, it is people who take centre-stage. Their wishes are the starting point for our considerations. And our attention is fixed on people and their environment. This is why all our products create functional, safe and efficient living and working spaces, provide light and colour, protect nature and habitats or underpin architectural design and function.

    We both work for people and with them. In all issues relating to glass as a material. This is why Arnold Glas is far more than just a glass supplier. We are also an experienced and knowledgeable advisor to architects, designers, window, facade and metal producers and to building contractors and developers.

  • We are inspired by glass. And we make it work. In buildings, there is hardly any glass application that cannot be realised by Arnold Glas. With passion and success, we are constantly developing new products in the spirit of our company’s founder Alfred Arnold.

    Our employees are the repository of our expertise and at the same time the drivers behind further innovations. Our range of products and services benefits from their capabilities and long-standing experience. Building on a solid training programme, we encourage ongoing personal and professional development. Our mutual success is based on identification with the company, quality awareness and a love of the job we do.

    And this in turn provides the basis for the success of our customers.


  • Our success story began in 1959, when our company’s founder Alfred Arnold invented a new multiple-pane insulating glass. The main innovative feature was the flexible edge seal that replaced the permanent edge soldering that had been standard until then. The idea went around the world and to this day is the standard for the production of insulating glass. But it also made possible the manufacture of insulating glass in industrial manufacturing infrastructures and by as early as the 1960s was a key element in improving the energy efficiency of buildings. This is just one example of how even then, Arnold Glas was setting benchmarks in the glass industry, as it continues to do today.

    Benchmarks that are not just limited to products but also to our collaboration with external partners. For example, even in its early years, our company worked intensively with mechanical engineering companies and suppliers of raw materials. To this day, process optimisations and material and product quality guide our activities.



    Alfred Arnold, founder of the Arnold Glas group of companies.

    The first premises of Arnold Glas in a wine press building in Remstal


  • Today, the second generation of the Arnold family is involved in the Group as active partners. Partners Hans-Joachim Arnold, Günther Arnold and Harald Arnold seek and encourage a long-term, stable development for the company. This results in certain entrepreneurial requirements in respect of customer focus, product quality, focus on profit, employee skills and motivation and modern organisational structures. The family atmosphere continues to be part of our corporate culture.

    Hans-Joachim Arnold, Chairman of the Board


    We see ourselves as a leading mid-sized group of companies in the flat glass processing sector. Our sphere of activities includes the production of insulating glass, a wide range of glass treatments and finishes and the manufacture of high-quality functional glass and other special glazing. However we are also involved in developing innovative glass coatings and producing screen-printed glass. With our workforce of almost 800 people, we create, produce and sell our glass products at a total of nine locations worldwide.

    The operations of the Group are led by the Group Management Board, consisting of Franz Schaumberger, Managing Director and Spokesman, Albert Schweitzer, Managing Director and Member of the Group Management Board and Stephan Pausch, Managing Director and Member of the Group Management.

    Albert Schweitzer, Managing Director       Stephan Pausch, Managing Director