New: arcon sunbelt D-series

Two solutions with one product

arcon sunbelt D oHT – one product, two solutions

The new product line arcon sunbelt D oHT makes a lot of things easier: You can use one and the same base glass as non-toughened float glass or tempered / heat-strengthened safety glass. Due to the innovative coating design the change in color as a result of the heat treatment is barely noticeable, so that both variants can be used in one building. arcon sunbelt D is available as D70 oHT, D60 oHT, D50 oHT and D40 oHT.

arcon sunbelt D oHT impresses with an outstanding look thanks to luminous, neutral grey-blue external reflection and a very low angular dependence. Indoors, the product line furthermore provides for pleasant lighting conditions thanks to a neutral transmission shade.

But the product line’s advantages are not exclusively visual ones: You will also save money with arcon sunbelt D oHT due to a reduced need of warehouse capacities. At the same time, you’ll remain as flexible in the fulfillment of your clients’ orders as always. Additionally, arcon sunbelt D oHT can be combined with other features like sound insulation or alarm signaling. arcon sunbelt D oHT – one product, many solutions.

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