Fire protection glass

More safety with transparent fire protection

Contemporary building architecture is all about transparency. Statutory provisions and building inspectorate requirements are no obstacle to the use of glass. Thanks to highly advanced technology, building areas with safety features can have the same look and use the same material as the rest of the building.

Nowadays, fire protection glass is multifunctional and does more than conventional insulating glass. For example, it protects buildings and the people and assets in them from fire, smoke and heat radiation.

With our fire protection glass ISOLAR ARDOREX® ARNOLD-FIRE® we offer customised fire protection solutions in a wide range of system designs. This results in a very diverse range of designs and areas of application, which can be extended even more by incorporating other functions such as sun protection. This means that our fire protection glazing can also be used wherever other functions are required in addition to fire protection.

Architects and planners in particular benefit from our wide range of fire protection solutions and can realise projects with not just the required flexibility and individuality but also the necessary safety.