Bird protection glass

Transparent glass architecture and bird protection are not mutually exclusive

Glass material is a key design feature of contemporary architecture. The reflective and transparent properties of glass offer people a range of benefits – but for birds, windows and glass facades are a danger. In the reflections of trees and bushes, for example, birds see a supposedly “natural landing place”. Or glass is not recognised as an obstacle because what birds see is a natural flight corridor. Nowadays, bird strike is a key factor in the decline of the worldwide bird population.

In ISOLAR ORNILUX® we have developed a product range that resolves the problem of bird strikes using scientific solutions. Functionality, efficiency and aesthetic appeal are not inconsistent with architecture that protects birds. ISOLAR ORNILUX® mikado, for example, has a UV-reflecting coating with a criss-cross pattern (similar to the game of pick-up-sticks, called Mikado in German). Birds recognise this coating because they can see parts of the UV range. However, the coating is virtually invisible to the human eye – which means that transparency in architecture is no longer incompatible with bird protection.

ISOLAR ORNILUX® screenprint is suitable for applications in which colour marking is requested as a design feature. This glass has coloured screen printed markings whose effectiveness in protecting birds has been tested and verified – and which at the same time perform the function of a decorative design element.

New student center of Maine’s University of New England was built with ISOLAR ORNILUX® mikado. Read more: