About Arnold Glas Corporation

The company

Arnold Glas Corporation is part of the Arnold Glas company group, a privately-held and independent company headquartered in Remshalden near Stuttgart, Germany. Founded in 1959, Arnold Glas is one of Germany’s largest and most innovative glass producers. With approximately 1,000 employees, 7 production locations including its own coating facilities and float works, Arnold Glas is a full-line supplier for architectural and decorative glass and worldwide known for quality “Made in Germany”.

Alfred Arnold, the founder of Arnold Glas, is the inventor of ISOLAR, the first modern insulating glass unit produced with a flexible edge seal. The company continues its innovation driven path by developing products like ORNILUX, a bird collision protection glass that allows for design with glass without compromising environmental responsibility.



Quality and experience

Through strict quality control and constant monitoring by an independent institute, Arnold Glas ensures to deliver the highest quality. Experience in international project management, and shipments to construction sites overseas guarantee a successful execution of contract.



Arnold Glas provides new solutions for the architectural glass industry and …

… enables architects and planners to include extrordinary and complex glass application in the design of buildings.
… elevates the use and performance of solar control glass to a new level.
… expands the green building industry focus to include nature and wildlife conservation
… advances tempered glass, with TOPVIEW, to avoid unsightly anisotropy (double refraction phenomena).



Technical experts with decades of international project business experience guarantee

– expertise and know-how for multifunctional glass technologies.
– technical support for stress analysis, technical data sheets or compatibility of materials, etc.
– professional consulting for individual solutions and special glass configurations.