Arnold Glas - Roof of the University Dresden

Glass withstands load tests

Glass Load Bearings

Glass is a material for aesthetics and not for structural theory: Glass load-bearing structures contradict this assumption. They enhance the glass facade with glass structures and help to create totally transparent rooms.

Dresden Technical University 470 m2 of Solarlux scandic 53/27 solar protection glass panels with Ug=1.1 form the roof of the cafeteria at the Dresden University are supported by beams made of glass, providing a clear view of the sky. The glass ceiling of this heritage building consists of elements measuring 1.43 x 1.43 metres, arranged horizontally. They connect the white flat ceiling of the food counter with the exterior walls of the building around it. The ceiling was made completely transparent by using glass beams as load-bearing elements for the roof structure.

Cross beams and main beams at intervals of 1.45 metres form ladders, which are bonded to one another using joints made of stainless steel. As a result, the modules cannot tilt or buckle, which also prevents damage to one element affecting the adjacent fields. The engineer in charge, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Weller, is very pleased with the construction project: "The result shows that load-bearing glass can achieve remarkable and advanced solutions with the help of creative thinking and innovative ideas – even on sensitive heritage buildings".